Debtgoner helps individuals:

  •   Resolve old bills and financial obligations
  •   Improve credit
  •   Obtain new credit

Debtgoner helps companies:

  •   Monetize their delinquent AR
  •   Provide targeted financial offers to qualified consumers
  •   Enable one-to-one platform marketing

Debt Resolution

Debtgoner is the online marketplace connecting delinquent consumers and institutions. We’re transforming the debt resolution and recovery systems to make both resolution and recovery more affordable and pleasant.

We operate at a lower cost than traditional collection agencies or debt negotiation companies and pass the savings to you.


Featured Customer

Sarah G.

Dallas, TX

"This service is so easy to use! People do not realize how much they can save by using Debtgoner"

George C.

Richardson, TX

"Debtgoner helped me to avoid working with collection agencies and I saved a lot of money as the result."

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